EAT-Lancet study argue that the consumption of meat is deeply harmful for the planet. Planet needs Vegetarians!!!

Executive Director of the Planetary Development Institute


Исследование EAT-Lancet утверждает, что потребление мяса глубоко вредно для планеты. Планете нужны вегетарианцы!!!

With the world’s population heading towards ten billion by 2050, the current consumption of meat — and the global trends towards even higher intakes — means destroying forests for pastures and increasing the industrial production of grains to feed animals. This is leading to greater greenhouse gas emissions, pollution from fertilisers and species extinctions. Also, ruminants emit methane, which is a potent greenhouse gas, further intensifying climate change. Thus, meat products have the worst environmental impacts. We have found that the direct consumption of wholegrains, legumes, nuts, seeds and fruits and vegetables are nutritionally the most efficient and these have the least environmental impacts. We have learned this from ‘life cycle analyses’ which account for all the inputs and outputs in the production of specific foods. Every individual must now make food choices that support their own health, their family’s health and that of our planet. We have strong evidence that this can be achieved by adopting largely plant-based diets, which draw on food traditions from around the world that developed over thousands of years.