Cross-cultural communication will help overcome the difficulties that global human integration and global problem solving are facing today. Such issues facing planetary ethics could be referred to as cultural-psychological and social-ethical. The following are the biggest among them:

  • the global world exists, whereas neither the global community nor global consciousness exists;
  • no spiritual-ethical and value grounds for integration models, environment protection practices or joint resource management have yet been developed; by the way, no universal or compromise-based models exist in principle;
  • universal human values and human rights do not enjoy universal respect, and instead of being shared face unconstructive criticism and resistance from some cultures and ideologies;
  • biocentric, vitality and environmental values are not accepted on a global scale or in all ideological forms; on the contrary, they are discredited and devalued under the guise of pseudo-spiritual interpretations;
  • destructive cults are wide spread, popular and influential in many countries, while authoritarian and totalitarian sects, extremist and militaristic ideologies threaten human life, health, rights and mental health as well as the integrity and quality of the ecosystems, and plant and animal life.