The above and other general and private problems cover the planetary ethics application area. We must solve these problems by changing constructively people’s worldview and mentality, and by acting flexibly in the communication space between civilisations.

Cross-cultural communication can and must also be used in fulfilling planetary governance cultural objectives:

  • Ensuring cross-cultural co-operation of all constructive public forces to save life on Earth;
  • Developing and implementing a system of ecological education of people starting at an early age;
  • Developing a universal bio-centric ideology, ethics and morality on compromise-based global spiritual synthesis;
  • Popularising bio-centric and environmental values with all possible means of information and propaganda;
  • Saving traditional cultures, ethnic groups and their historic heritage from extinction;
  • Rooting out totalitarian, authoritarian and destructive sects and cults;
  • Eradicating illiteracy and backwardness.

From the point of view of the Planetary Project, we believe that creating a compromise-based civilisation model must be the end result of cross-cultural communication; this planetary unification model should be acceptable to different nations and cultures.

We encourage users of this website to share their experience of cross-cultural communication facilitating international co-operation, resolving social, political, cultural and environmental issues. All interesting and successful case studies will go a long way to developing a cross-cultural dialogue between people and nations.