To develop, launch and assimilate a single mobilisation anti-crisis integration ideology, which is in line with Planetary Project objectives, and make it truly influential, it must contain more than scientific arguments, utilitarian-practical schemes, programmes of action and solutions in the fields economy, politics, law, ecology and social reform. It is not enough to have information alone, however logically flawless it might be. To transform significantly consciousness, judgement, motivation and interest, it is not enough to involve only rational reasoning; especially when it comes to making choices and accepting limits. It requires deeper psychological influence including the significance of the figurative, emotional-psychological, moral-ethical and spiritual components of human decision-making motivation. Survival instinct must be spiritualised to the same extent that an action could be stimulated by motivation. The notion of sufficient reasons is backed by an act of will, and expressed in the form of motivation; it is then necessarily checked against the value “compass” of a person or group. The dominant status of value for human activity is explained by the fact that values, normally, underlie motivation, decision making and active behaviour.

The Planetary Project dissemination, public awareness and communication objectives can be effectively resolved; and they can lead to needed worldview transformations only if they are justified and warranted from a spiritual-value perspective. Planetary ethics is in charge of creating an axiological basis of the Planetary Project.