Developing and substantiating planetary ethics is a primary objective as part of developing and promoting the Planetary Project.

Planetary ethics must be systemic, universal, biocompatible, practical and realistic; but it also has to incorporate diverse cultural and civilisation spiritual experience. It will have to address a number of socio-psychological, cultural, and ethical issues. Hence, it has external and internal objectives.

Planetary ethics external objectives will be directed at the public; they will deal with contradictions of mass consciousness, individual mentality, and cultural issues, their conflicts and paradoxes. They may include:

  • Contributing to institutional understanding (through education, public awareness and religion), and spiritualisation of world objectives of saving the biosphere, global problem solving, and attainment of social justice and harmonious development;
  • Creating a compromise-based model of global human integration and its universal spiritual-ethical justification;
  • Moral-ethical justification of limiting economic, needs and population growth;
  • Propagating bio-centric, vitality and environmental values and motives in the life of society and the individual, their rehabilitation, and basing them in culture;
  • Constructing noospheric priority ranking in accordance with value-symbolic codes of the most influential world cultures and religions;
  • Creating a new value-symbolic code of planetary consciousness, and the self-identification initially of the anti-crisis person and later of the integral person as a planetary agent.