In addition to the above large-scale strategic external objectives, planetary ethics will deal with smaller, tactical “field tasks”, but they are not less important or timely because of that. They include, for example:

  • Driving military values out of socialisation mechanisms and ethically positive cultural archetypes;
  • Moral “cleansing” of politics;
  • Ecological education at the early stages of personal development etc.

Planetary ethics internal objectives will involve the formation, development, self-development and self-justification of planetary ethics. In this regard, we must formulate our own axiological axioms and postulates, generate principles and values, norms and symbols, and formulate hypotheses. It is clear that the central reference framework should include the values of life, naturalness and harmony. At the Planetary Project’s initial stage, the most important internal objectives of planetary ethics can be represented in the following statements:

  • Clear formulation of planetary environmental imperative;
  • Clarification of the essence, origin, content, structure and purpose of the phenomenon of spirituality as human ontological quality;
  • Development of the ideas of panpsychism and holism interpreting the world of nature and people as a single living organism;
  • Review of the categories of development, progress, harmony in relation to society, bio-centric consciousness, and history; and a comparative civilisation analysis in the spirit of the Planetary Project;
  • Revealing the internal potential of planetary ethics for further psychological and ethical human evolution.