The planetary ethics direction is dynamic and evolutionary (this is its main innovative difference from traditional, self-absorbed kinds of ethics): it is meant to ensure that people consistently pass through stages of their already managed history from current civilisation’s anti-crisis mobilisation to opening planetary possibilities, and realising their cosmic potential as part of a noospheric biocompatible civilisation they build themselves. The planetary ethics goal stays constant at all foreseeable stages; it is to harmonise people through systemic and stable synchronisation of reasonable-rational and imaginative-intuitive qualities of their soul as spiritual faculties. We view the dynamics of planetary ethics in the Planetary Project as a transition from the effect of paradigm shift and elite integration mobilisation, to the effect of creating a new mass ideology for the Earth’s population. It is important to note that neither the direction nor the objectives of planetary ethics contradict world religions and constructive spiritual teachings, which is confirmed by Planetary Project research.

The attractiveness and high potential of planetary ethics are based on the fact that it will not stop developing, even when it reaches the state of being a coherent and functional system, applicable to solving motivational-psychological problems of planetary anti-crisis management. Having experienced the first success in saving the biosphere, and establishing the noospheric civilisation foundations, it will create a new cultural-anthropologic type of person, the integral person, and a new bio-socio-historical evolutionary agent, WE-humanity, destined to realise the cosmic potential of planet Earth. Alongside innovation science and the breakthrough technologies of the Sixth Techno-economic Paradigm, planetary ethics will create the worldview of the Future. 

Promoting the planetary ethics values and principles as well as law-making activity must become a collective effort of all constructive actors of global human integration, all Planetary Project participants based on the parity of their rights, interests and values. It must address the main goal of saving the biosphere and implementing harmonious social development ideas. We invite all visitors to this website to co-operate in developing planetary ethics.