Unity of religions: certainly no confusion

Executive Director of the Planetary Development Institute


Единство религий или путаницаThis does not mean that one should not challenge the oppression of any existing government. Similarly, this spiritual truth does not mean that all religions are necessarily good and right. Spiritual truth surpasses the organized religion, which basically serves different political and social purposes. Sarva Dharma Sambhava means the harmony of the Dharma or the principles of truth, and not the equality of religious beliefs, dogmas or institutions. Those who use this term differently abuse it. Today we are entering a new era of civilization, in which religion must be radically reformed, or completely abandoned. Probably, only those religions that will be ready to undergo radical transformation will survive. Still the question about unity amongst religion is the correct idea and concept for the humanity and is expressed in form of Sarv Dharma Sambhava ,and let there be “No Confusion “about this.