Global integration aimed at solving global problems, saving nature and establishing a harmonious world order cannot be the concern of just a selected few. Even though it was started by economic, political and cultural elites, this work should be shared by the wider public, each and every one of us. Moreover, an individual contribution is the most valuable to this greatest historical endeavour.

The modern world unites us even when we are thousands of kilometres apart. We are united by threats, risks and challenges that have become our everyday reality. However, we are also united by the avenues we must choose for ourselves and our descendants to follow. Our choice must be thoughtful and responsible; it must be based on agreement and social activity. Therefore, the Planetary Project can only be implemented as a global movement whose causes include preserving the biosphere for current and future generations, protecting world peace, and achieving social justice and prosperity for all.

We see the Planetary Project developing as a crowd sourcing project, whose results and value would increase with the increase in the number of people actively involved in it. Even today, we would be happy to hear about various ideas, proposals and solutions our website users, who share our values and principles, could communicate. In the nearest future, we will launch contests to develop key Planetary Project areas. These proposals will be made public in this section of our website.

Dear friends, we would be very happy to hear from you!