As far as planetary governance institution types, the Planetary Project identifies four basic types of institutions that will be able to address planetary governance directions, goals and specific objectives. The general tentative structure of this typology includes the following:

1. Spiritual-ideological institutions:

1.1. The World Academy of Sciences;

1.2. The World Information and Education Space;

1.3. The World Dialogue of Churches.

2. Political institutions:

2.1. A modernised United Nations;

2.2. The World Parliament;

2.3. Continental Parliaments (Euro-parliament etc.);

2.4. Planetary political parties and social movements.

3. Economic institutions:

3.1. Planetary Property Institution;

3.2. The United Planetary Development Budget;

3.3. A system of planetary and continental development programmes.

4. Supra-national governing institutions:

4.1. The Planetary Council;

4.2. The Security Council;

4.3. Regional Councils for Economic and Social Development.