G20: New world, new concepts, new relationships - Time for implementation of Planetary Project

Executive Director of the Planetary Development Institute


Just an year ago we published this: «G20 - a common platform to develop the idea of Planetary Project».

Now one more G20 Summit it on in Hamburg and what are the headlines (apart from usual demonstration by anti globalists): «Germany being snubbed by USA. Everyone focused on Putin and Trump meet which has raised the temperatures of the meet, after the recent visit of President Trump to Poland and his remarks.» («G20: Putin denies US election interference in meeting with Trump, officials say – as it happened»).

UK meeting with Turkey and China making breakthrough with Germany. Japan having new ties and raising concerns over the North Korean ICBM tests. Business ties are inter tangled with political ties. India coming fresh after breakthrough relationships with Israel where Mr Modi was the first ever Prime Minsiter of India to visit Israel in 70 years. Indo China relationships at their ebb (due to border disputes) but at the G20 summit it's business as usual and China has praised India for its inputs to the global trade and atmosphere which were discussed during BRICS at Goa («Planetary Project @ BRICS (New Delhi & Goa)»).

It's been interesting few months. World events have been booming with various economic meets. Just when SYRIA crisis was going to trigger a war Like situation between Russia and USA, all of a sudden, many countries started putting their economic interests ahead of their geo-political interests.

First there was a rift between China and India over One Belt One Road when one strong economy refused to participate in the OBOR and the other attracted many other countries for the OBOR.

China and Russia signing up contracts worth 10-11. Billion USD on 4th July. USA and India inking contracts worth 4-5 billion USD by end of June & in the same breath first ever visit of Indian PM to Israel. Contracts worth 2-3 billion $are signed up in civil sectors of water and Agro (not to talk about defense deals).

EU planning new contracts with SE Asia. Saudi Arabia singing contracts worth 107 billion USD with USA.

Seems economics has really taken the front seat.

So the concept of Planetary Rent maybe most appropriate to be discussed now, in the current scenario?

Planetary Project started with the management of harmony and finally this is what is going to take the world ahead (planetaryprojectbook.com).

Nobody knows what the Eastern borders of the European Union will look like in 2025. They might have shifted by then, or be riddled by conflict. Or they might look just the same and today’s alarms will be remembered as a bad dream. Nowhere is this uncertainty more relevant than in the Baltic countries; for Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, it is an existential question. In the NATO doctrine, the three Baltic states are seen as the first bastion of resistance against a Russian incursion to the West. Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have a long history of Russian and Soviet occupation. Those memories are brought up as Russian troops parade along the border and Russian planes intrude into Baltic airspace. NATO has in turn increased its presence there, sending planes and ships and conducting conspicuous military drills on the Estonian border. The Baltics risk becoming a ‘proxy theatre’ – the place of an indirect and creeping confrontation between the East and the West.

Looking ahead at the next 10 years, the three countries share a great deal of uncertainty, and the awareness that the future of Russian-Western relations will affect them on an existential level. We can have more than one possible scenarios that would impact the geopolitical and security situation in the Baltic countries.

West has to remember that it's existence is because of the East and specially with great nations like Russia, China and many others. Dialogue is important and inevitable. («G20: Trump and Putin hold first face-to-face talks»).

So when we talk about the managed harmony, we find that it's the fastest and most effective solution towards new world setup which is certainly going to be multi polar (with many power centers).

When we talk about solutions, we need to look deeply into the solutions which the new book talks about - Planetary Rent as an Instrument for Solving Global Problems.

G20, BRICS or G7 are you ready to listen to our solutions?