The Project content is described in a popular scientific way in the monograph “Planetary Project: From Sustainable Development to Managed Harmony”. 


  • the Planetary Project addresses the challenges of the Sixth Techno-economic Paradigm due to the innovation character of its solutions, its cosmic scale, and the globalism of the complex problems it tackles ;
  • The Planetary Project proposes goals and objectives capable of uniting the whole of humanity based on the ideals of genuine humanism, higher justice, and global activity aimed at self-preservation, and the development of people as a species;
  • The Project’s comprehensive solutions promise a positive effect on the Earth’s biosphere;
  • The Project’s ideology meets the needs of local and transnational elites to harmonise global social-economic processes to insure market stability;
  • Planetary Project practical implementation will contribute to a qualitative improvement of the quality of life of current and future generations when everyone receives a chance of living a healthy, active and happy life in harmony with an ecologically friendly and comfortable environment.

Author: Aleksandr Bezgodov, Doctor of Economics, Ph.D. in Political Science (4).