Planetary Project main ideas:

  • it is impossible to solve global problems if we do not remove or alleviate to a considerable degree global world contradictions, most of which lie in the economic area;
  • global problems of today’s world are essentially solvable only if the following conditions are met: unified understanding and assessment of problems and the need for their solution, achieving the balance of interests of all parties, a reliable organisational-financial scheme, and integral co-operation of united agents. Global problems can be solved only on a planetary scale: there is no real possibility of solving them in any other way;
  • prospects of radical solutions to global problems are manifested in solutions connected with planetary resources, planetary property, planetary rent and re-distribution of incomes from it;
  • creating a planetary institutional infrastructure is necessary for the management of the formulation of global human interests, and for its co-ordination, systematisation and protection; as well as for a whole set of actions involved in the design, planning and implementation of the world integration movement that preserves historical cultural diversity;
  • planetary institutional infrastructure must include the following expert institutions: spiritual-ideological, political-legal, economic, supra-national governmental, sector-specific administrative, and environmental.