Originality and novelty are represented in the following statements:

  • establishing a close link and interdependence between ecological and social-economic issues and justification of resolving ecological problems through resolving social-economic problems;
  • resources for resolving global problems, the saving of the biosphere, and global human integration are planetary natural and intellectual assets owned by the whole of humanity, as well as planetary rent incomes;
  • further historical development should be directed to serving the interests of the biosphere, complying with an environmental imperative, integrating humanity into one global humanity, creating planetary civilisation and transformation of people on a spiritual synthesis basis;
  • the vector of historical human movement is from sustainable development to managed harmony;
  • historical development of society should be managed, managing it in a sensible and collegial way and in the interests of all nations and people can result in making it harmonious;
  • science and collective intellect of humanity and the collective ratio can provide an opportunity for humanity to enter the harmonious development trajectory;
  • planetary existence is the form of being in which any human disunity is removed.