Thus, in any case, both the critics and followers of the Concept of Sustainable Development are united in believing that transition to sustainable development requires dramatic transformation of the current civilization, the core of which is the environmentalisation of all major human activities. What is meant here is a noospheric re-orientation of public consciousness: it must be possible technologically, and acceptable socially, to transition from hydrocarbon energy industry and economy to those based on alternative sources of energy. This step could usher in a new era in human development, a step to a new kind of civilization. A lot of work is needed to accomplish this task and colossal financial resources. However, the concept of sustainable development says nothing about the sources of funding, nor does it talk about the mechanisms of its implementation. This is exactly where the root is of the theory’s current lameness and indefensibility; and why it is time that we stopped deliberating and expounding slogans, and turned to real actions because we do not have much time left to save the world.