The main sustainable development directions were proposed at the World Summit in Copenhagen on 6 - 12 March 1995:

  • Wide civil society participation in developing and carrying out solutions, determining society functioning and well-being;
  • Large-scale sustainable economic growth and sustainable development models, and demographic aspect integration into economic and development strategies, which accelerated sustainable development rates and rooting out poverty, and will contribute to achieving demographic goals and improving people’s quality of life;
  • Just and non-discriminating distribution of benefits conditioned by the growth among social groups and countries, and expanding access to productive resources for destitute people;
  • Interaction of market forces, encouraging effectiveness and social development;
  • Government policy directed at overcoming factors leading to social antagonism and the respect for pluralism and diversity;
  • A favorable and stable political and legal structure that contributes to mutual improvement of the connection between democracy, development, all human rights and the main freedoms;
  • Political and social processes characterized by preventing isolation and complying with pluralism and diversity, including religious and cultural diversity;
  • Strengthening the role of the family in the interests of social development, as well as the community and civil society roles, in accordance with the principles, goals and responsibilities proclaimed in the Declaration of the World Summit and at the International Conference on Population and Development;
  • Increased access to knowledge, technology, education, healthcare and information;
  • Strengthened solidarity, partnership and co-operation at all levels; as well as government policy that gives people the opportunity to lead healthy and productive lives;
  • Protecting and saving the environment in the context of human-oriented sustainable development.

The Concept of Sustainable Development was the first to systematize a whole range of ideas originated between the 18th and 20th centuries, which have to do with the destiny of humanity influenced by the relationship “people – society – nature”. It has suggested an alternative economic growth model in the form of noosphere-oriented transitional type civilization. The Concept of Sustainable Development embodied an attempt to solve global problems by economic means using some integration processes.

The practical implementation of the strategy of sustainable development has run into difficulties whose analysis became the starting point of the Planetary Project.