Economic objectives:

  • justifying the necessity of a planetary property institution;
  • creating a quality of life assessment system;
  • developing and justifying the concept of intellectual resources;
  • developing a planetary rent calculation method;
  • developing the concept of an integrated planetary economic-distribution system;
  • developing an economic mechanism for financing planetary institutions;
  • creating conditions for new growth points and economic development zones;
  • other associated objectives.

Political-governance objectives:

  • developing a comprehensive system of international targeted programs, organizations and funds;
  • creating a political concept of supra-national governance of the world integration process;
  • alleviating political tension in the world;
  • developing an international concept of disarmament and stockpile reduction of weapons of mass destruction;
  • developing a planetary governance institution infrastructure model;
  • developing the program of modernizing existing planetary infrastructure institutions and creating new ones;
  • other associated objectives.