Planetary Events

Gardens in the Barchans


China is ready to spend hundreds of billions to fight the deserts not only to stop the onslaught of the sands, but also to go to the counter attack.
Planet to Get Global and Fast Internet


A group of six satellites of a new communication system have been successfully launched into the Earth’s orbit from the Kourou Cosmodrome in French Guiana. This is the beginning of a project to create the satellite telecommunications system, OneWeb.
From the Earth to the Moon and Back: Mission Possible


Astronauts are returning to the Moon. NASA announced the creation of permanent expedition bases on the Earth’s satellite as early as 2028.
Light at the End of the Universe


China is starting construction of a space electric power plant. The ‘pure energy’ will be used both on Earth and in the far reaches of the Universe.
Global Warming Is Freezing the Planet


Global warming has caused extreme cold. Last winter has broken records in terms of area it affected in Europe and North America.
From North to South


The North Magnetic Pole of the Earth is moving from Canada to Russia. The stable drift (about one and a half dozen kilometers per year) has unexpectedly become more than three times as fast.
The Billionaires’ Club Accepts New Members


Over the past decade, the number of billionaires has doubled on the planet. The international charity foundation “Oxfam International” counted over 2,200 people with this wealth.
Rabbits on the Moon


For the first time in the history of mankind, an envoy of people — an automatic probe consisting of a stationary platform and a lunar rover — successfully landed on the far side of the Moon. The project is carried out by scientists and engineers of China.
A Billion Euros for Quantum Research


A program has been approved to support the development of the quantum technology industry in Europe. A billion euros for 10 years will help humanity to create an alternative to the Internet.
Money Oscar


The main January event of the global business world is the World Economic Forum in the Swiss Alps, Davos 2019