From Sustainable Development To Managed Harmony: A Paradigm Shift
Despite its theoretical solidity and international recognition, the concept of sustainable development has run into fundamental implementation issues. Internal contradictions are revealed both in its ideological-methodological frame.
National Cat Day
National Cat Day was created in 2002
Unity of religions: certainly no confusion
All religions are equally valid ways of knowing God or truth. External differences between religions are only accidental, while their inner core lies in one thing - in the knowledge of the Divine or the Higher Reality.
Forms of Knowing and Spiritual Activity: Myth and Mythology
Why do we want to perceive the essence of myth and religion, analyse their content, compare forms, and study their origins? We should not treat myth, prehistoric religion, and mythological poetic tradition of the old with positivist or Marxist condescension. Ancient spirituality is not just humanity’s “infant identity”; it is not just a primitive pre-class communication form of describing the world based on handmade artifacts. It seems to hold the key to the mystery of the origins of man as both a natural and supernatural being.
Forms of Learning and Spiritual Activity: Philosophy, Religion and Science
Philosophy and religion are similar in that they are not satisfied with the current state of things or data provided by common sense, everyday thinking or even individual sciences; they look for an explanation of the world and life, existence and consciousness that cannot be achieved through possible experience. Philosophy and religion are the oldest forms of human spiritual activity and social consciousness.
Sustainable development: general issues on controlled human psychogenesis
The idea of the sustainable development that appeared after the Rio Conference was a new stage of a human development. Its main task, according to V. Zakharov`s definition, «is to include constantly increasing human needs in his habitat opportunities».
Unity of religions: certainly no confusion
We, personally believe that India is going to be world leader by 2030 and my belief is forcing me to visualize the food security and food safety issue in 2030 and being a part of this ecosystem and accepting the role of the responsible citizens of India, likely to be played for meeting the new challenges.
FEEDING THE WORLD IN 2030: The hunger with reference to India
Approximately 8.5 billion, say 9 billion including 200 billion new mouths will be expecting at least 1500 calories (even if we do not take ideal and required calorie for daily budget) will require food (irrespective of their nature of food and RDA) to satisfy their satiety center which is called "hunger generator".
Clarion Review
Clarion Review on the book «Planetary Rent: As An Instrument for Solving Global Problems»
Humanitarian competence in a global world. Does the culture have its rights?
In 1952 Clyde Kluckhohn and Alfred Louis Kroeber, famous American social anthropologists – published a book that became the most cited work in culturology of the second half of the twentieth century...
Planetary ethics from the perspective of the concept of social development
planetary ethics implementing any social development concept faces whole range ethical moral and ideological issues ultimately value symbolic character this especially true such large scale task saving the biosphere solving global problems  creating basis new type civilisation project  im
Global spiritual synthesis
global spiritual synthesis planetary ethics does not exist yet has created have clear understanding its necessity and vision applications key external internal objectives well the basic points reference axiomatic articulation intuitive source truly unifying universal force based compromise vis mu
Planetary Project - Information monitoring department
information monitoring department status the department unit planetary development institute  and reports institute’s director for research mandate provides institute with support following areas long term planning assessment analysis operation information methodological websit