Times of India: Model proposed for solving problems through global human unification

October 2016

NEW DELHI: In his new book Aleksandr V Bezgodov reveals the urgent problems of the modern world which include environmental crisis, failure of economic development, unfair distribution system of world income, hunger and poverty.

This book titled "Planetary Project: From Sustainable Development to Managed Harmony", describes the essence of the "Planetary Project," based on the critique of the concept of sustainable development. A model is proposed for solving global problems through global human unification aimed at saving the planet Earth from future cataclysms and catastrophe for present and future generations.

The Planetary Project is in essence a paradigm of the world's harmonious development. "Planetary Project" is for anyone interested in global issues, the current economic and political situation as well as those who are concerned about the fate of the world, the environment, civilization, global society and the future of humanity.

In order to introduce the Planetary project philosophy, Planetary Project will be in New Delhi, India from October 12-14 at Hall 14 in Pragati Maidan where they have their own stand, along with its team from Russia, India & UAE. From October 14-18, the team will travel to Goa for the BRICS 2016 summit where it has been invited for presentation.

The team of Planetary project has travelled to Batumi (Georgia) in July and to Beijing and Shanghai in August. The East China Normal University in Shanghai provided a great platform for presentation of the project. The speaker and the executive director of the project Mr Abhishek Singh had made a presentation and took active part in questiona and answer sessions in Batumi, Beijing and Shanghai along with Dr A Bezgodov who is the founder of Planetary Development Institute and the Planetary Project.

The Planetary project team also attended the MARGI-2016 conference on 23- 26 August. The team has held discussions with participants from dozens of countries: China, South Africa, the Philippines, Malaysia, Slovenia, Germany, India, Bangladesh, Spain and others. Planetary project team also made their presence felt at the G20 summit.