International Day of Action for the Seals

March 2016

People have hunted for baby seals for decades, primarily because of their wonderful fur. It is the demand for this fur that fashion dictates rather than real need that makes humans kill these animals in great numbers. It used to be possible to sell baby seal fur legally in Europe, Russia, China and many other countries. Greenland seals are found in the northern Atlantic, the White Sea, the Barents Sea, the Kars Sea and the Greenland Sea. It takes eleven months for a mother to carry a baby until in the springtime seals come out of the sea to spend several weeks on the ice to give birth to their cute and helpless babies. For two first weeks of their life while their mothers feed them with their milk their fur stays snow white. Dozens of thousands of baby seals are slaughtered for their fur with metal bars. There is no other industry that would be as cruel and barbaric as this one. Commercial baby seal hunting led to the near extinction of the species.