Today, when humanity is feeling on the brink of extinction, a new paradigm of existence and development is needed, a new philosophy of salvation common and clear to anyone, and, most importantly, built on a strong foundation of the natural and spiritual needs of people as a species. Previous models of life, civilization concepts, and development scenarios taken alone with a prospect of absolutiation of one of them, are neither fit for the role nor can they fulfill this most important mission in the historic destiny of people. Many ideas, principles and sacred values of most metaphysical teachings, scientific theories, and religious systems are so close in meaning, and so compatible with each other, that they invoke a conclusion that people living in different countries of the world have common value systems. These positive, productive, humanistic ideas, irrespective of their origin, can be synthesized in order to serve a foundation of a new worldview. They include, for instance, the notions of life, justice, common good, order and harmony.

Moreover, underlying the proposed Planetary Project is the philosophy of re-globalization as a mobilization movement that is meant to remove the asymmetry of a unipolar world on a parity basis for different countries and cultures. We believe that self-preservation, the basic need of people as an organic part of the biosphere, can be the basis of this movement. It is sufficient alone to form integration motivation for a cause for the sake of which it is worthwhile to reduce and agree interests, as well as to combine values into a single universal system based on compromise between people. However, this need requires a spiritual basis and cultural expression, because spiritual, moral-ethical, cultural and ideological motivators are more important for people to make radical decisions than material considerations. History and today’s social-political practices prove this point.

An important Planetary Project direction is the creation of the ethical basis and model of global spiritual synthesis. This section’s subsections will include objective-setting for creating moral-psychological and ideological mechanisms of introducing positive changes into the current public consciousness, and propose ways to fulfill these objectives.