The main research problem of the Planetary Project is providing an opportunity for harmonious global development in interaction between environmental and social-economic subsystems. This formulation becomes possible provided there is recognition of the inevitability of global development harmonisation as a tool of resolving global problems of modern civilisation and saving the biosphere.

Planetary Project logic:

  • identifying the most important global problems;
  • recognising their fundamental resolvability;
  • proclaiming the planetary scale of the activity, and the necessity for global human unification;
  • formulating basic hypotheses;
  • formulating key principles of planetary integration;
  • recognising the possibility of creating a single human civilisation able to develop in harmony with nature;
  • determining means and mechanisms of global problem solving and planetary integration;
  • forecasting and programming prospects of planetary civilisation according to the new evolutionary scenario.  

Planetary Project basic hypotheses:

  • resolving global problems of the contemporary world is difficult and costly, but possible provided there are in place: an adequate resource base, material means, clear planning, correct organisational scheme, and a realistic financial mechanism;
  • levelling off disunity factors of peoples and countries of the world to the level when they do not present obstacles to the process of global human integration is possible with the gradual removal of inequality of wealth distribution between agents of planetary development;
  • planetary unification is possible when a compromise-based model of civilisation is created in which conditions are acceptable for different people, states and cultures;
  • if planning is done correctly it is possible to  develop the necessary scientific-technical solutions sufficient for a painless transition to the Sixth Techno-economic paradigm, and achieve a qualitatively higher level of collective scientific intellect organisation, and also to design a comprehensive and all-encompassing approach to global challenges, threats and risks. This can be done while research, experimental and design work are carried out in compliance with environmental and noospheric priorities as well as with an adequate level of funding;
  • coherent modelling of instruments of solving global problems and global human integration is possible, and is carried out justifiably as part of the Planetary Project;
  • we can completely rely on support for the Planetary Project from the progressively minded international and national elites if we present to them a well-argued justification of the degree of their interest, participation and responsibility. 

Planetary Project main ideas:

  • it is impossible to solve global problems if we do not remove or alleviate to a considerable degree global world contradictions, most of which lie in the economic area;
  • global problems of today’s world are essentially solvable only if the following conditions are met: unified understanding and assessment of problems and the need for their solution, achieving the balance of interests of all parties, a reliable organisational-financial scheme, and integral co-operation of united agents. Global problems can be solved only on a planetary scale: there is no real possibility of solving them in any other way;
  • prospects of radical solutions to global problems are manifested in solutions connected with planetary resources, planetary property, planetary rent and re-distribution of incomes from it;
  • creating a planetary institutional infrastructure is necessary for the management of the formulation of global human interests, and for its co-ordination, systematisation and protection; as well as for a whole set of actions involved in the design, planning and implementation of the world integration movement that preserves historical cultural diversity;
  • planetary institutional infrastructure must include the following expert institutions: spiritual-ideological, political-legal, economic, supra-national governmental, sector-specific administrative, and environmental.

Originality and novelty are represented in the following statements:

  • establishing a close link and interdependence between ecological and social-economic issues and justification of resolving ecological problems through resolving social-economic problems;
  • resources for resolving global problems, the saving of the biosphere, and global human integration are planetary natural and intellectual assets owned by the whole of humanity, as well as planetary rent incomes;
  • further historical development should be directed to serving the interests of the biosphere, complying with an environmental imperative, integrating humanity into one global humanity, creating planetary civilisation and transformation of people on a spiritual synthesis basis;
  • the vector of historical human movement is from sustainable development to managed harmony;
  • historical development of society should be managed, managing it in a sensible and collegial way and in the interests of all nations and people can result in making it harmonious;
  • science and collective intellect of humanity and the collective ratio can provide an opportunity for humanity to enter the harmonious development trajectory;
  • planetary existence is the form of being in which any human disunity is removed.