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Planetary Project Manifest published in China

Shortly before the visit of the team of the Planetary Development Institute (PDI) to China, Dr. Aleksandr Bezgodov published his monograph "Planetary project, from sustainable development to managed harmony" in Chinese language

The first book of the Planetary Project in both English and Chinese languages, was presented at one of the world's largest international book fairs BIBF 2016 held in Beijing from 24 to 28 August. Also on August 28 monograph "Planetary Project: from sustainable development to managed harmony" was presented at a special presentation by the  Planetary Development Institute in East China Normal University, Shanghai. The representatives of the faculty and administration, students, graduate students and undergraduates in the Faculty of History received a gift in form of a few dozen copies of the book in Chinese, English and Russian languages, signed by the author. Also, many books have been gifted to the library of the East China Normal University and other universities in the country.

Deep gratitude was expressed by the Director of Business Development in China and Southeast Asia, Mr. Peter Pei, for the preparation of the publication and promotion of the monograph "The planetary project, from sustainable development to managed harmony" in China.

Book publication China - Planetary Project

Monograph «PLANETARY PROJECT: FROM SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT TO MANAGED HARMONY» of ideologist of Planetary Project, founder and CEO of the «Planetary Development Institute» (PDI), Doctor of Economics Aleksandr Bezgodov was published by the publishing house "Xlibris" (UK) in December 2015 and January 2016, published in the Russian publishing house "Piter" (St.-Petersburg).

Book publication - Planetary Project

A special website on the monograph and its author, the publisher made Xlibris, can be seen here.

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Book publication - Planetary Project

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Book publication - Planetary Project

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