As we make sense of the critical situation in the environment, and the scale and significance of global environmental problems affecting people’s life, we try to resolve these problems.

On the one hand, unfortunately, this activity hardly bears a systematic character or is sufficient in any way. Our efforts to save the biosphere are a drop in the sea! On the other hand, we can welcome the fact that new sites are receiving protection status in various countries, whose national and local governments, civil society and business unite their efforts in providing resources for this work.

It is important for the worldwide environmental movement to include as many people as possible including decision makers. To make this possible, there must be a wide public awareness campaign that would employ all modern forms of communication.

This section of the Planetary Project website was created to present, disseminate and discuss environmental projects worldwide. We urge website users to send us links to relevant publications, share news from your countries and regions and voice your own ideas about possible environmental projects.