Climate change, the threat of the imminent depletion of resources, natural and political cataclysms, wars, and the world economic crisis all lead to the conclusion that we are on the brink of catastrophe. However, we still have a last chance to survive and to preserve the world for ourselves and our descendants. We can do this by stopping conflicts and becoming sincere humanity.

The Planetary Project is a scientific theory and a practical programme of creating a new economic base for a polycentric world in which every country can take its place in the global division of labour and achieve a satisfactory level of life.

We propose a new world design based on a planetary code. This code is universal: it allows cultural diversity and unity in the way humans treat the planet.

It is possible to save the world only if we unite and start taking the right decisions based on reason, spirituality and compromise. If we do not begin this journey right now, it will soon become too late to do it.




World Hepatitis Day

Observed under the auspices of the World Health Organisation since 2011

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The Planetary Project in Dubai

On July 2, 2017, Dr Vadim Golubev of the Planetary Development Institute delivered a paper at the 61st IASTEM International Conference on Economics and Business Management, organized by the International Academy of Science, Technology, Engineering and Management (IASTEM)



G20: New world, new concepts, new relationships - Time for implementation of Planetary Project

G20: New world, new concepts, new relationships - Time for implementation of Planetary...
Dubai, Dubai-Marine
Dubai, Dubai-Marine


Paris Accord: Is it better with USA or without USA?



Планетарная рента как радикальная экономическая инновация

Вряд ли сегодня кто-нибудь, находясь в здравом уме, усомниться в том, что бичом нашего времени являются глобальные проблемы. В числе наиболее острых из таковых называют международный терроризм, изменения климата, неуправляемую миграцию, недоедание и голод, приближение к точке невозврата в исчерпании многих природных ресурсов, прежде всего, углеводородных. Мировое сообщество уже с 90-х годов прошлого века серьезно озабочено решением глобальных проблем. Однако до сих пор попытки их решить демонстрируют низкую степень эффективности или полную неэффективность.


Planetary rent: a radical economic innovation

Global problems are a curse of the world today. They include international terrorism, climate change, impoverishment of large groups of population and the depletion of natural resources. To date, the global community has made little progress in addressing these global challenges. This is despite the continued work of global institutions, the adoption of the doctrine of sustainable development, and the signing of the Kyoto Protocol. The problem is that there is no global anti–crisis management policy that would involve a plan of addressing global issues, a consolidated budget, and a single management center.