Climate change, the threat of the imminent depletion of resources, natural and political cataclysms, wars, and the world economic crisis all lead to the conclusion that we are on the brink of catastrophe. However, we still have a last chance to survive and to preserve the world for ourselves and our descendants. We can do this by stopping conflicts and becoming sincere humanity.

The Planetary Project is a scientific theory and a practical programme of creating a new economic base for a polycentric world in which every country can take its place in the global division of labour and achieve a satisfactory level of life.

We propose a new world design based on a planetary code. This code is universal: it allows cultural diversity and unity in the way humans treat the planet.

It is possible to save the world only if we unite and start taking the right decisions based on reason, spirituality and compromise. If we do not begin this journey right now, it will soon become too late to do it.




Declaration of the Permanent Neutrality of Belgium

Announced in 1831

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We have lost a friend

Sergei Pozdnyakov, Ph.D. Biology, who cooperated with the Planetary Development Institute as an expert and consultant, passed away on 12 January 2017



Potential of development of renewable energy

The fundamentals of modern world power are made warm also by hydroelectric power stations. At the same time their development restrains a number of factors: the cost of coal, oil and gas grows, natural resources of these types of fuel are reduced. Besides, many countries have no own fuel and hydroenergy resources or lack them.


Over 24000 species are on the brink of extinction out of 85600 animal species that have been included in the Red List of Threatened Species over the past decades. Will they survive till 2025?


18 January 2017

The rise of the Titans

Although the year started with a sharp drop in temperatures, it seems that the geo-political and financial temperatures are not going to fall anytime in near future. Yesterday we had the following points made very clear by the U.K. Administration:
1. Britain will not seek to remain a member of Europe's single market.
2. The legal jurisdiction in Britain of the European Court of Justice will end.
3. But it will seek a free-trade deal with the European Union
4. Both houses of Parliament must approve any final deal.
That's the Brexit for you!!!

18 May 2016

Intellectual Vector of World Economic Development

The world economy is largely a euphemism that masks the basic problem of the global world which consists of markedly uneven markets, social and technological disparities in national economies’ development levels, capital-output ratios and competitiveness. In its direct sense, the concept of the world economy is justified only to the extent that global trade and global logistics exist, which in turn are limited by a number of economically subjective factors.

14 December 2016

Social Degradation in the Context of Economy of Rent- and Resource-based Colonialism

The social sphere, culture and education hardly ever draw investments or become the focus of government care in the so-called “pipeline economy”, or to use a better term, in the economy of rent- and resource-based colonialism.