Since its inception, the Planetary Project and the Planetary Development Institute (PDI), Dubai, UAE, have proclaimed and implemented a policy of openness, accessibility and collectivity. It is obvious to us that it is impossible to find solutions to the dramatic global problems facing humanity in any other way.

As a public organization, we constantly inform the general public about our work, contacts, projects and plans. Openness is the key principle of our work, which is aimed at the benefit of present and future generations. Openness gives us freedom to express our ideas and experiences and hope that these ideas and experiences would attract public attention and interest. Openness gives us satisfaction from the sense of accomplishment, energy and determination to continue our work.

A new model of the world order and planetary development that we propose is achievable only on the basis of a free and constructive interaction of people, organizations and governments that share the attitude to the planet, humanity and any life forms.

We are looking for like-minded people to implement Planetary Project goals. It is important for us to have the understanding, solidarity and assistance of all those who are not indifferent to the challenges our planet faces and threats to its inhabitants. Therefore, we stand for constructive cooperation with scientists and practitioners, public figures and organizations, the media and governments, and any people who care about the fate of mankind and our planet.

We attach special importance to constructive relations with the media, whose voice shapes the public agenda and influences the views and behavior of people. We are ready to inform them on any aspect of our activities and use a variety of forms of cooperation including joint communication projects.

We believe it important to raise public awareness of the ideas and policies of the Planetary Project; we are willing to listen to and take into account public opinion; we are interested in any stakeholders’ assessments and positions.

We would be happy to receive any feedback from journalists and bloggers. We are ready for dialogue and cooperation with you. We hope that this will benefit all of us.