Life has shown, however, that the attempts to implement the Concept of Sustainable Development have not been sufficiently radically successful to make it a pivotal moment in resolving global problems, and taking the modern world out of the current civilization crisis. On the contrary, they have run into problems that have proved to be partially or entirely unsolvable, at least using the Concept and strategies of sustainable development. Almost twenty years have passed since modern global institutions officially set out on the course towards sustainable development, and no single economic, environmental or social policy model has been elaborated. Global problems have only accumulated.

The demographic, poverty and environmental problems are among the most noticeable, complex and widespread issues in the implementation of the strategy of sustainable development.

Thus, the contradictions, identified in the course of sustainable development concept implementation, demonstrate its internal logical paradox. The incompatibility of national interests to global human interests is one of the main contradictions. Acknowledging the Concept of Sustainable Development, we must repeat that the failures and difficulties of its endorsement cannot only be explained by practical barriers, but are rooted in its ideology. This concerns the very theoretical-methodological foundations of the Concept of Sustainable Development.