World environment research focus on the search for and modelling of ways to solve modern environmental problems in the following areas:

  • Monitoring the environment and anthropogenic (technogenic) impact on the environment;
  • Developing and verifying sustainable development criteria;
  • Environment management, environment policy and environment protection;
  • Reducing industrial atmospheric emissions;
  • Drainage purification;
  • Mopping up oil spills in the World Ocean and sea areas;
  • Developing new energy resources;
  • Optimizing mineral resource management;
  • Biocompatible disposal and recycling of industrial and household waste;
  • Preventing the erosion of the fertile soil layer;
  • New rational technologies of extracting mineral resources;
  • Rejuvenating vegetation including forests;
  • Saving plant and animal species including endangered animals, birds and plants;
  • Better management of extracting and renewing bioresources;
  • Ecocompatible and biocompatible technologies of natural resource management and human economic activity;
  • Developing ways to stop the increase the atmospheric air temperature to prevent global warming;
  • Health-saving technologies and human ecology;
  • Social and cultural ecology etc.

From an economic perspective, especially important are R&D studies focusing on alternative energy sources including the obtaining, transformation and transportation of alternative energy. Environmental audit of industrial facilities will go a long way in achieving the final goal.

This section of our website is devoted to modern environmental research ensuring scientific-technological solution to global environmental problems.

We invite the users of this website to submit any interesting global environment research ideas and proposals.