The Cultural-Historical Systems and Processes Research Programme of the Planetary Development Institute is in line with the Planetary Project ideas about current cultural issues and cultural development goals and objectives, and historical reflection in different countries. They research areas include:

  • Creative foundations for multiculturalism;
  • Raising the practical effectiveness of modern instruments and mechanisms of cross-cultural communications;
  • Actualising humanism and adapting universal humanist principles to various cultural contexts;
  • Developing and implementing pedagogical, public awareness, and information-communication programmes of preventing cultural degradation of individuals and social groups;
  • Cultural resistance to extremism and political radicalism, tolerance and multiculturalism on the basis of universal human values;
  • Popularising bioethics and scientific optimism;
  • Environmental education;
  • Developing and implementing cultural models and mechanisms of global human integration;
  • Developing and testing methods of preserving and maintaining local national-ethnic cultures;
  • Developing and testing methods of reviving endangered national cultures;
  • Developing cultural instruments of targeted social management;

Modelling and creating the basis of a noospheric culture as a form of public consciousness of a united humanity, the agent of a planetary civilization.