UAE National Day 2017. The Poetry of National Symbols


The national flag, coat of arms and anthem are the main state symbols. These symbols serve as a reminder of various historical events, reflect the political system, location, country's economy and define basic religious beliefs of the state

World of Harmony


Recently I heard Dalai Lama speaking about compassion. He said that till the moment human mind is full of compassion there is a hope for harmony among people, of different religion & of different civilizations. Only when the negative feelings creep in like "indefference" that we need to worry. I was reminded of this saying from my moral science class in Class VI. Dalai Lama went on to speak lengths about China, Tibet & how was he the longest guest of IndianGovt. and how was he the true son of India. The basic idea of Nalanda teachings, as he claimed, made India an unique place where all cultures, religion co exist in harmoney. That's what is the true idea of our planetary project too.