The following Research Programmes of the Planetary Development Institute focus on studying planetary governance institutions and mechanism:

  • Political-Legal Systems and Processes;
  • Social Systems and Processes.

The Political-Legal Systems and Processes Research Programme of the Planetary Development Institute focuses on reforming, developing and improving current political-legal institutions and mechanisms, including the practical implementation of the following Planetary Project political and legal ideas:

  • Developing, implementing and improving political and legal instruments and methods of solving global problems, including preventing a Third World War;
  • Co-ordinated participation of world elites in global human integration and creating planetary economy;
  • Reforming the United Nations in terms of its structure and functions to increase its efficiency;
  • Legal institutionalisation of planetary property and the mechanism of planetary rent appropriation;
  • Creating a political-legal basis of planetary economy;
  • Creating a political-legal basis of the system of planetary governance institutions; 
  • Investing human rights with the status of international legislation for mandatory universal compliance;
  • Resisting political extremism etc.

The Social Systems and Processes Research Programme of the Planetary Development Institute focuses on the accumulation, development and practical application of in practical terms the most valuable ideas, concepts and models of contemporary social science. The following R&D is planned to solve pressing social issues in areas that include:

A social block of global problems;

  • Historical-cultural and economic transformation of traditional social institutions and networks;
  • Evolution of social institutions, networks and agents of a new type;
  • Democratisation of social management;
  • Countering extremism and terrorism;
  • Correction of social inequality;
  • Changes in social values etc.