Creating foundations of the planetary civilization of integrated humanity and transition to harmonious social development based on a biocompatible economy and bio-centric ethics.


Resolving global problems of modern civilization and minimisation of global world contradictions, achieving social harmony and its relationship with the environment, saving and improving the health of the biosphere based on the re-distribution of incomes from planetary resource use, and the intellectual assets of economic systems and communities.


planetary resources, planetary property, collective reason, global human integration, planetary goodwill, managed harmonious development, noospheric civilization, global spiritual synthesis, integrated WE-humanity, planetarity.


  • survival and improving the health of the biosphere (including people), existing world ecosystems, resource saving, and use of alternative resource substitutes are of priority importance for the existence and development of the world community;
  • equality and equal rights for all races, nations, cultures, religions, states and other forms of social organization are postulated as part of the human integration process, with the exception of those harming the biosphere, life, physical and mental health of people and infringing on their rights and freedoms as well as the possibilities to live in harmony with nature;
  • forming a planetary , institutional infrastructure, which will be a system of supra-national planetary governance organizations, is necessary for solving global problems, global problems of civilization integration and world design harmonization;
  • for this, it also makes sense to develop public diplomacy and civil control over official international organizations;
  • national, regional, continental and international elites become active participants, drivers and agents of planetary development, which view global human integration as an investment project; they contribute to the development, financing and practical implementation of social, economic and political planetary programs of harmonious development of a unified human civilization;
  • a new format of global civilization development must be worked out along the lines of re-globalization that would contrast with the globalization serving the interests of the “Golden Billion”;
  • the authors and designers of the Planetary Project (5) and its supporters profess scientific optimism in regard to current reality, belief in people and nature, their integral organic unity and kinship, as well as the victory of mutual harmony.


As it is implemented the Planetary Project develops into a world scholarly humanistic movement that offers a new world economy paradigm, a global human integration model, and practically a new historical and evolutionary scenario based on the actualized interpretation of such terms as “development”, “progress” and “civilization” to which the environmental and planetary humanistic imperative requirements are applied.