Aleksandr Bezgodov | Planetary Project

Aleksandr Bezgodov

General Director of the Planetary Development Institute

Aleksandr Bezgodov is the mastermind of the Planetary Project, the author of the Concept of Managed Harmony, and the founder and General Director of the Institute of Planetary Development.

Abhishek Singh | Planetary Project

Abhishek Singh

Executive Director of the Planetary Development Institute

Abhishek Singh is the Executive Director of the Planetary Project Institute (Dubai).

Konstantin Barezhev | Planetary Project

Konstantin Barezhev

Director for Research of the Planetary Development Institute

Konstantin Barezhev is the co-author of the Planetary Project, and Deputy Director for Research of the Planetary Development Institute.

Vadim Golubev | Planetary Project

Vadim Golubev

Head of the Information Monitoring Department of the Planetary Development Institute

Vadim Golubev is a staff member of the Planetary Project, Head of the Information Monitoring Department of the Planetary Development Institute.

Samir Abazid | Planetary Project

Samir Abazid

Head of Public Relations Department

Peter Pei | Planetary Project

Peter Pei

Business Development Director China and South East Asian Region

Peter Pei was born in China on 24th May, 1982. In 2005, he graduated from Huazhong University of Science and Technology with a degree in law and then started his career as a marketing professional in Midea Group, which is the second largest home appliance company in China between 2005-2007.

Peter Ellis | Planetary Project

Peter Ellis

Business Development Director United Kingdom and West European Region

Peter was born in 1949 in Bristol, England; and graduated in civil engineering with economics from Dundee University, Scotland. He is a senior project management consultant with 37 years of experience in the construction industry.

Satyen Yaadav | Planetary Project

Satyen Yaadav

Business Development Director (Agro & Eco Technologies ) India

Having a Doctorate Degree in Botany from India with 10 years plus experience in Research followed by 25 years plus experience of Agribusiness and food in India and abroad with more than 70 publications in International journals and having delivered over 200 lectures in India and abroad addressing various issue related to agribusiness research and development and technological innovations

Iaponira Reis | Planetary Project

Iaponira Reis

Business Development Director Brazil and South America Region.

Business Development Director Brazil and South America Region Born in Brazil on November 1985, Iaponira Reis has received her first degree on Economics science on 2006 from the State University of Bahia.

Alexey Parfenov | Planetary Project

Alexey Parfenov

Head of IT Department

Rejoice Siziwe Twala | Planetary Project

Rejoice Siziwe Twala

Business Development Manager (South Africa)

Commissioner of Oaths, International Facilitator, Import/ Export Expert, Assessor & Business Counselor

Alexander Chamur | Planetary Project

Alexander Chamur

Film editor

Alexander Chamur was born in 1988. He graduated from the Saint-Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts. He trained in Serbia on communication theory issues. Information technology specialist and translator.

Grigory Tulchinsky | Planetary Project

Grigory Tulchinsky

Expert and Consultant

Majoring in logic, he received his undergraduate and postgraduate degrees from Leningrad State University.

Lyudmila Danilenko | Planetary Project

Lyudmila Danilenko


Lyudmila Nikolaevna Danilenko is a PhD in economics, a reader in South Federal University branch in Novoshakhtinsk (Russian Federation).

Sergey Pozdnyakov | Planetary Project

Sergey Pozdnyakov


Sergey Anatolyevich Pozdnykov was born in 1958. He graduated from Petrozavodsk State University in Russia. He is a PhD in Biology (zoologist and ecologist).

Andrei Boitsov | Planetary Project

Andrei Boitsov

Expert and Consultant

His research interests include social system modeling, government and business relations, and identifying business environment trends in the Russian North-West region.

Vladimir Barinov | Planetary Project

Vladimir Barinov


Vladimir Borisovich Barinov got his higher education at the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of Tadzhik State University (TSU) and completed the post graduate course there.

Aleksandr Danilov | Planetary Project

Aleksandr Danilov


Doctor of Science, Philosophy in biomedical sciences, the professor of International University of Fundamental Studies, the Director of Science and Education in MPI «Markelov`s Clinic» in Petrozavodsk. An ex-vice-president of «The Clean Baltic» international environmental safety fund.

Sergey Tishkov | Planetary Project

Sergey Tishkov


In 2007 he graduated from the economic faculty of Petrozavodsk state University. In 2011, he received a Ph.D. in Economics from the Institute for regional economy problems Russian Academy of Sciences (St. Petersburg).