The setting of planetary governance political-legal objectives must result in creating the system of planetary governance institutions, and developing and implementing its administrative-governance and normative-legal instruments and mechanisms.

The planetary governance political-legal objectives will further the goals of ensuring the balance between:

·     the integration processes of re-globalisation and preserving the national-state sovereignty of countries;

·     reconciling local and global interests;

·     complying with international legal norms; and maximum public participation in the creation of noospheric civilisation.

The key political-legal objectives of the infrastructure of planetary institutions will include:

  • Planning, structuring and institutionalising planetary governance;
  • Creating an internationally recognised and legally bound legislative basis of planetary governance;
  • Unification of world political elites according to proportional distribution of power resources for resolving global problems and issues;
  • Alleviating international tension on all levels of manifestation, removing the threat of nuclear war, and reduction of weapons of mass destruction;
Rooting out international and local terrorism, extremism and genocide.