Implementing any social development concept faces a whole range of ethical, moral and ideological issues, ultimately of a value-symbolic character. This is especially true of such a large-scale task as saving the biosphere, solving global problems and creating the basis of a new type of civilisation. The Planetary Project implies the need for planetary ethics, capable of laying the foundation of a new worldview meeting the goals of planetary anti-crisis management and future managed harmony.  

A monumental task faces humanity as part of the Planetary Project: to create conditions for fundamental changes in public consciousness, mass beliefs, national mentality and, finally, people’s self-identification. It is necessary to persuade leading scientists, politicians and economists, social activists, as well as leaders of ethnic-cultural movements and churches to shift from words to action in solving global problems, saving the biosphere, and integrating humanity. They must be equipped with necessary information and communication instruments to disseminate Planetary Project ideas among their followers, and later among the wider public. We need a united mobilisation anti-crisis integration ideology. At the initial stage of the planetary “rescue operation” it will work as an instrument of enlightenment and propaganda to involve people in integration processes, new production and economic models, co-operation and consumption, as well as motivation and behaviour. Later, it will have to perform a paradigm shift in the modern belief system taking it from: a crisis to an anti-crisis phase; then to biocentric, compatible with managed harmony strategy; and then to the phase of planetary self-identification contributing to the fulfilment of humanity’s space mission. The planetary type of thinking is possible not only due to a leap in science and technology and the dominance of rationalism of the Sixth Techno-economic Paradigm, but also due to a global spiritual synthesis that needs to be carried out through the joint efforts of all constructive social forces of the modern world.