Creating a planetary institutional infrastructure is necessary for the management of the formulation of global human interests, and for its co-ordination, systematisation and protection; as well as for a whole set of actions involved in the design, planning and implementation of the world integration movement that preserves historical cultural diversity.

The planetary governance idea derives from the necessity to unite existing global institutions into a single infrastructural system, beneficial to all nations and acceptable to them. This is both necessary and possible. All the necessary conditions and instruments exist to do this: global information networks; the Internet; the virtual communication space; a 50-year experience of many global institutions’ efficient work and their publicity capital; as well as professional diplomats, economists, political scientists and ecologists. We must only add to it planetary goodwill, the interest of planetary development agents (motivated elites), a clear and compromise-based integration-institutional programme and the initiator of the process. The Planetary Project takes upon itself the latter role.