The social objectives of planetary governance derive from the systemic social goal of organising and maintaining a world design that is just towards people and harmonious towards nature. Our criticism of the Concept of Sustainable Development established the organic and irremovable relationship between the environment, economy, politics, science, culture, and social issues, problems, regularities. Therefore, planetary governance social objectives are not less important and significant than the ones listed before them. Moreover, solutions to other planetary transformation objectives will be condensed in the social field, because resolving all these problems will benefit, along with nature, people as an element of the biosphere. The following social objectives can be identified:

  • nvesting human rights with the status of international legislation with compliance mandatory for everyone;

  • Developing and implementing a single system of assessing the quality of life;

  • Rooting out all forms of social, racial and cultural discrimination, and forced exploitation;

  • Solving global health problems including especially mass diseases and pandemics;

  • Developing and carrying out an efficient food policy;

  • Developing civil society institutions and increasing their role in politics, social life, global human integration, and planetary governance processes through using civil rights;

  • Creating and implementing effective programs of social protection and rehabilitation of the most vulnerable social groups;

  • Creating additional mechanisms and forms of social mobility for people across the world.