Global security can be viewed in terms of world community security and personal security.

         World community security includes peacemaking and peacekeeping, international conflict resolution at the global and local levels, reducing weapons of mass destruction and conventional weapons, banning certain types of arms and eliminating their arsenals, etc.

Global personal security implies ensuring the following conditions:

  • Personal freedom;
  • Observing and protecting personal rights and freedoms;
  • An ability for a person to participate in public politics and local self-government;
  • National and international guarantees of peace and access to life sustaining resources (including work, healthcare and education);
  • Favourable environment for life and reproduction.

International, national, social and personal security issues derive from various risks and threats.

At the global level, such risks and threats include:

  • International political tension and a “cold war” between geopolitical antagonists;
  • Arms race and non-compliance with international strategic arms reduction treaties;
  • Interethnic, interreligious and intercultural conflicts;
  • International terrorism;
  • Illegitimate political regimes;
  • A destabilising gap between socio-economic development levels of different regions and countries of the world.