The Planetary Project in the Journal “Use and Protection of Natural Resources”


The article “The Planetary Project: The Basis for a New World Development Agenda” by Dr. Sergei Ivanov, (PhD in Economics), Head of the Laboratory for Studying Socio-Economic and Political Processes of Modern Society of St. Petersburg University was published in the Russian academic journal “Use and Protection of Natural Resources”.

Times of India: Model proposed for solving problems through global human unification


NEW DELHI: In his new book Aleksandr V Bezgodov reveals the urgent problems of the modern world.

About Planetary project: radio interview by Stu Taylor


Audio recording of the interview, which took place on 5th April by American journalist Stu Taylor is now available on our website.

Planetary Project in Reader


The advertisement of the monograph by Dr. Aleksandr Bezgodov is coming in Reader

Planetary Project in The New York Times 


The advertisement of the monograph by Dr. Aleksandr Bezgodov is coming in The New York Times in June-July 2016

Our association with New York Times continues


8th January 2017: There has been a small announcement of Planetary Project and the first book written by Dr. Aleksandr Bezgodov in New York Times. Very soon the second book «PLANETARY RENT AS INSTRUMENT FOR SOLUTION OF GLOBAL PROBLEMS» will be coming out. Hope this cooperation continues for many years to come.

Planetary project in Reader


As we had planned, the advertisement of the book "PlanetaryProject" was published in the May edition of the world famous literatureguide