General Objectives:

  • formulation of a philosophic and scientific theory of saving the biosphere, solving , and transforming humanity into a planetary unity with the purpose of creating a bio-compatible noospheric civilization; global human problems
  • attracting world scholarly potential, using scholarly achievements in various fields, and encouraging scholars in natural sciences, humanities, formal and technical sciences from different countries of the world to generate new knowledge and solutions;
  • development of concrete scientific-practical ideas, models and methods of creating a new economy based on rational use of nature, resource saving, resource substitution, and a just system of wealth distribution through the use of planetary rent revenues;
  • development of normative-legal, political-economic, and organisational-governance foundations and mechanisms of planetary institutional governance infrastructure;
  • initiation of a world movement for the causes of saving the biosphere, solving global problems, social justice, human integration, creating a planetary civilization, and its harmonious development on the basis of values capable of uniting humanity;
  • development of a humanitarian agenda for the World Expo-2020 to be held in the Emirate of Dubai, which would include economic, social, political-legal and cultural issues, special academic and public discussions, and other forms of work;
  • creating a unique Planetary Development Institute in the Emirate of Dubai;
  • creating and replenishing the Planetary Bank of Intellectual Resources;
  • practical implementation of research results, design projects, and solutions in the areas of world economy, social-political processes, governance, international and national legislation, cross-cultural communication etc.

Specific objectives: philosophical-ideological, research, economic and political-governance objectives.

Philosophical-ideological objectives:

  • development of theoretical-methodological foundations of re-globalization (including global human integration);
  • formulating an environmental imperative;
  • reviewing the categories of progress and development;
  • modelling of categories and notions and structural-functional foundations of noospheric civilization as harmonious world design;
  • development of biocompatible ethics and foundations of spiritual activity;
  • creating a new mobilization ideology based on values able to unify humanity;
  • other associated objectives.

Research objectives:

  • taking stock and assessment of the current status of global problems;
  • review and systematization of sustainable development indicators;
  • development and justification of interdisciplinary planetary research methodology;
  • creation of a unified system of studying and designing planetary processes;
  • creation of a common planetary theory through a synthesis of noosphere theory, bio-centric ecology, and sustainable development theory;
  • development of scientifically warranted facilitation of world development harmonisation;
  • modelling and justification of optimizing and rationalizing the use of natural resources;
  • development of the strategy and technologies of resource substitution, and search for and implementation of sources, carriers and technologies of the alternative energy sector;
  • other associated objectives.

Economic objectives:

  • justifying the necessity of a planetary property institution;
  • creating a quality of life assessment system;
  • developing and justifying the concept of intellectual resources;
  • developing a planetary rent calculation method;
  • developing the concept of an integrated planetary economic-distribution system;
  • developing an economic mechanism for financing planetary institutions;
  • creating conditions for new growth points and economic development zones;
  • other associated objectives.

Political-governance objectives:

  • developing a comprehensive system of international targeted programs, organizations and funds;
  • creating a political concept of supra-national governance of the world integration process;
  • alleviating political tension in the world;
  • developing an international concept of disarmament and stockpile reduction of weapons of mass destruction;
  • developing a planetary governance institution infrastructure model;
  • developing the program of modernizing existing planetary infrastructure institutions and creating new ones;
  • other associated objectives.