International Day of Climate

May 2016

The establishment of this informal environmental holiday became a response to the meteorologists concern upon the climate protection being an important resource, affecting the well-being of present and future generations. Saving the climate is one of the greatest global challenges that facing humanity.

Global warming, atmospheric CO2 growth, natural disasters, climate change – all these problems lead to environmental deterioration and thereby has a negative impact on food, of life safety and property protection, affects dramatically on our natural resources and balanced regional development.

Modern science can't answer how quickly the catastrophic climate change will come in case of a further Global Warming. However, according to ecologists and meteorologists conclusions, we are able to delay these changes.

Saving the Earth's climate depends on each of us. We can all contribute. For example, we can use our cars rarely, apply the energy-efficient lighting in our apartments, participate in tree planting and green spaces protecting.