National Biographer’s Day

May 2016

Famous English poet of the 18th century, essayist, moralist, literary critic, biographer, editor and lexicographer, Samuel Johnson, is known world-wide as Dr Johnson. After nine years of work, Johnson's most popular work «A Dictionary of the English Language» was published.

James Boswell was a Scottish biographer and diarist is best known for documenting Samuel Johnson’s talks, jokes, witty remarks, for the long period of time, and the biography he wrote afterwards. The modern critics have claimed the «Life of Samuel Johnson» to be the greatest biography written in English language.

The word «biography» comes from two Greek root words, «bios» (life) and «graphia» (to write). A biography is a detailed description of a person's life created by individual author or by group of authors. In most cases the biography becomes the first information source that we want to have about the person. Due to the scrupulous and tireless biographer’s work our contemporaries can learn every nuance of famous people’s lives of any age.