The following global economic problems have serious significance for the world economy and national economic systems, civilisation development, international relations and the environment: 

  • Most common natural resource management technologies remain inefficient; some to them are barbaric, inflicting great harm to the environment;
  • Hydrocarbon energy, which brings considerable damage to the Earth’s crust and atmospheric air, still dominates the fuel and energy complex of most countries;
  • Mineral fuel consumption growth leads to globalising the energy problem, while tying the value of money and pricing mechanisms to the price of energy resources creates instability in currency and stock markets;
  • The space (linear) type of economic evolution leads to increasing consumption of all types of natural resource, and growing production waste and consumption levels, which accelerate the worsening of the environmental situation;
  • Transportation and logistics development levels lag behind the development levels of production and e-commerce;
  • Widening income discrepancy between the most developed economies and the least developed economies, which affects the quality of life in these countries;
  • Growing unemployment in developing countries; labour migration lacks any system, order or manageability;
  • Poverty is growing in many developing countries proportionately to population growth and associated food shortages;
  • Over recent years, growing military expenses have unfavourably affected national economies, the world economy, and contradicted planetary needs; they have led to the deformation of the normal functioning of economic systems (they are: stalling industrial-technological development; increasing budgetary deficit; encouraging inflation; diverting human and other resources from solving pressing socio-economic problems; and negatively affecting international relations and aggravate tension between nations);
  • Most countries have not yet been able to fulfil the potential of their human resources.