As practice shows, the group of economic problems prove to be the most complicated compared to other global problems of the modern world. This is because economic contradictions and difficulties underlie all existing and emerging global problems. The problem of overcoming poverty, and the disparity of the standard of living in developed and developing countries is being resolved very slowly. Efforts made in this regard have little effectiveness due to: inflation; high population growth in Third World countries; incorrect schemes and methods of calculating the poverty line; a minimum standard of living; and the international poverty level etc. The most important factor is that the very practice of so-called government and international help to the poor is superficial and futile, because it changes nothing in the actual genetic foundations of the problem, and its reproduction mechanisms.

The efforts of the scholarly and business communities, politicians and public leaders should be directed at resolving global economic problems.

We urge users of our website, who share Planetary Project ideas, to let us know what your analysis and assessment of global economic problems are and propose solutions.