Press release of "Planetary Project" monograph

January 2016
Press release  of

Press release on the publication of the book "The Planetary Project, from sustainable development to managed harmony" was placed in a variety of media sources around the world.

The content of the release briefly brings up the essence of the basic monograph of the founder of the Planetary Project, Doctor of Economic Sciences Aleksandr Bezgodov, which is nothing more than a programmatic manifesto of the new socio-economic paradigm of human development in the face of global threats of our time. The list of periodicals, printed and electronic media, news agencies and publishers can get found here:

1. Part one

2. Part two

3. Part three

 Sale of printed English edition of the monograph "Planetary Project, from sustainable development to managed Harmony" has started in 18 countries, including the United States, China, Britain, Australia, New Zealand and others.