Planetary Project basic hypotheses:

  • resolving global problems of the contemporary world is difficult and costly, but possible provided there are in place: an adequate resource base, material means, clear planning, correct organisational scheme, and a realistic financial mechanism;
  • levelling off disunity factors of peoples and countries of the world to the level when they do not present obstacles to the process of global human integration is possible with the gradual removal of inequality of wealth distribution between agents of planetary development;
  • planetary unification is possible when a compromise-based model of civilisation is created in which conditions are acceptable for different people, states and cultures;
  • if planning is done correctly it is possible to  develop the necessary scientific-technical solutions sufficient for a painless transition to the Sixth Techno-economic paradigm, and achieve a qualitatively higher level of collective scientific intellect organisation, and also to design a comprehensive and all-encompassing approach to global challenges, threats and risks. This can be done while research, experimental and design work are carried out in compliance with environmental and noospheric priorities as well as with an adequate level of funding;
  • coherent modelling of instruments of solving global problems and global human integration is possible, and is carried out justifiably as part of the Planetary Project;
  • we can completely rely on support for the Planetary Project from the progressively minded international and national elites if we present to them a well-argued justification of the degree of their interest, participation and responsibility.