The rise of the Titans

18 January 2017

Although the year started with a sharp drop in temperatures, it seems that the geo-political and financial temperatures are not going to fall anytime in near future. Yesterday we had the following points made very clear by the U.K. Administration:
1. Britain will not seek to remain a member of Europe's single market.
2. The legal jurisdiction in Britain of the European Court of Justice will end.
3. But it will seek a free-trade deal with the European Union
4. Both houses of Parliament must approve any final deal.
That's the Brexit for you!!!

Can we try to think of Managed harmony with the concept of "Mutual respect"?

25 December 2016

Tolerance is a western concept; Mutual respect is the "Eastern" concept. Can we try to think of Managed harmony with the concept of "Mutual respect"? This is at such a time when the word "Tolerance" is losing its meaning in the western world. Migrants, guests, aliens and many other people from Eastern Europe are already a big irritation factor in the west. So what is better for the concept of managed harmony. Mutual respect or tolerance?

Social Degradation in the Context of Economy of Rent- and Resource-based Colonialism

14 December 2016

The social sphere, culture and education hardly ever draw investments or become the focus of government care in the so-called “pipeline economy”, or to use a better term, in the economy of rent- and resource-based colonialism.

Primakov readings - Planetary Project Outlook

30 November 2016

On November 30, Vladimir Putin attended the Primakov Readings International Forum, which were held to study the academic and political legacy of Yevgeny Primakov. The agenda included speeches by Russian and foreign politicians, academics and public figures who knew Mr Primakov.

Heal the world

27 October 2016

The relevance of the song "Heal the world" is so much actual today, as our hearts go out to all those people who are hit by terrorism, war, conflicts, violence created by hate speeches.

Today is the time for Managed Harmony. All technologies, all our progress will fail incase we are unable to create an atmosphere of harmony and make this "World a better place to live"

New face of Asia

26 September 2016

So far, 60 countries including the world's top two polluters - China and USA - have ratified the Agreement which was adopted by 195 countries in Paris last December. While China and USA had ratified it on September 3, as many as 31 countries had formally joined the Agreement through formal ratification or acceptance at a special event, hosted by the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in New York, on September 21.

Paradigm shift to new global power and a NEW WORLD ORDER?

06 September 2016

BREXIT, world economy, terrorism were some of the main issues discussed during the G-20 summit in China which finished on 5th September 2016. But a clear shift in world power center was visible during the meet.

From Sustainable Development To Managed Harmony: A Paradigm Shift

26 July 2016

Despite its theoretical solidity and international recognition, the concept of sustainable development has run into fundamental implementation issues. Internal contradictions are revealed both in its ideological-methodological frame.

BREXIT-a reality! Be ready for a new Europe and a new World.

24 June 2016

Whole night the referendum kept us all awake. By evening the Pound Sterling started falling when the people lined up to exchange the Pound Sterling into Euros.

As a result the Pound Sterling landed to a 31 year low.

But more worse was the early morning news. 52% nearly pointing to BREXIT.

What will follow ? Next! - FREXIT, GERXIT ??

Intellectual Vector of World Economic Development

18 May 2016

The world economy is largely a euphemism that masks the basic problem of the global world which consists of markedly uneven markets, social and technological disparities in national economies’ development levels, capital-output ratios and competitiveness. In its direct sense, the concept of the world economy is justified only to the extent that global trade and global logistics exist, which in turn are limited by a number of economically subjective factors.

Global warming

04 April 2016

Global warming is one of the most significant and difficult issues facing the world today. Melting down of glaciers can have such an adverse effect on the global water level that in coming years, it can be the reason of biggest catastrophe . 2016 summit in Paris about climate change however does not answer the reasons of such climatic adversities. It certainly did highlight the fact that now the developing nations need to pay for all the crimes done by the developed nations.  

Meaning and Basis of Planetary Integration

19 October 2015

At the beginning of the 21st century, people feel united as never before but also, paradoxically, they feel disunited at the same time! Having found ourselves on the brink of self-destruction, we perceive with a varying degree of conscious awareness the need to unite in the face of unseen threats. At the same time, we are divided by serious disagreements based on divergent interests, values and ambitions.

The concept of anthropo-socio-ecology and modern urban information environment ecologising

19 October 2015

The modern world faces the threat of a global environmental catastrophe from two causes. Firstly, from the consumer society economic system whose exploitative nature is characterised by industrial technologies, which are hazardous and inefficient from the point of view of resource management.   

UN Transformation Concept

19 October 2015

Many political scientists, economists, experts and analysts of modern international social processes have long argued that despite its continuous activity and sessions, the United Nations can hardly be said to fulfil its charter functions in full. They blame it on the UN outdated structure, inadequate decision making and decision enforcing mechanisms, and insufficient resources.