Status: the Director for Research is a top management position of the Planetary Development Institute reporting directly to the General Director of the Institute.

Mission: the Director for Research develops and oversees research, innovation, public awareness, intellectual property, and international co-operation activities.

Guiding the Institute’s research:

  • Setting research agenda for the Institute’s research programmes and projects;
  • Organising research, technical and innovation co-operation with external partners;
  • Monitoring the planning and accounting of research programmes and projects;
  • Co-ordinating the Institute’s research and innovation activities with those of other research bodies, governmental and non-governmental organisations, institutions and foundations;
  • Developing concepts and plans for academic, training and public awareness events to be held at the Institute (congresses, forums, conferences, symposiums, seminars, round tables etc.).

Jurisdiction: Information Monitoring Department and the Department of Research Programmes.

Director for Research: Dr. Konstantin V. Barezhev, Ph.D in Philosophy.