Mission: the Board of Trustees of the Planetary Development Institute was created to contribute to: the Institute’s Charter Goals and Objectives; the effective implementation of its research, public awareness and social activity; and the promotion of the Institute.


  • The Board of Trustees acts in collaboration with the Institute management; its decisions are recommendations and advice;
  • The Board of Trustees is entitled to create a Trustee Endowment Fund to provide financial support to the Institute in its Charter activity and material resources;
  • The Board of Trustees can engage in advertising, and the publishing and dissemination of materials in the Institute’s activity areas.


  • Facilitating the development of the Institute including international relations;
  • Providing support for the Institute’s research, public awareness and social activity;
  • Forming partner networks;
  • Inviting external organizations to commission research services from the Institute;
  • Contributing to funding, and carrying out research and public awareness work;
  • Creating a Board of Trustees Endowment Fund.

Membership: membership in the Board of Trustees is on a voluntary basis.

Administration: the Board of Trustees is headed by its Chairperson.